Flow for accounting software

Bringing Banking to Bookkeeping

Integrate our money management products into your accounting software and wow your customers.
Integrate banking services with our banking solutions
No more switching between banking and bookkeeping platforms: give your customers complete control of banking and accounting through your accounting platform. Add banking services and unlock new revenue streams.

Provide your own bank accounts

Let customers create bank accounts with your bookkeeping platform to benefit from maximum automation and seamless integration of money management services.

Issue branded payment cards

All payments with your branded cards are automatically processed in your bookkeeping platform. But most importantly, it’s your bookkeeping brand in their hands.

Integrate banking services the wow way

With Flow, banking services are seamlessly integrated into your accounting software, desktop or mobile. Or use the Flow white label banking app.
How banking & accounting integration wows your customers
Card payment triggers a notification, including a nudge to upload a photo of the receipt and connect it to the relevant transaction.
Smart payment notifications: quickly pay taxes and invoices in time, with all data prefilled.
Invoices with payment links or QR codes enable easy payment without copying- pasting or transcribing information.
Features we integrate
Onboarding / registration / KYC
Payment cards (physical & virtual cards / Apple or Google Pay)
Current accounts with IBANs
Payment notifications
Saving accounts, including interest
Inline payment buttons (pay purchase invoices, tax returns)
Multiple subaccounts
Approve payments with PIN or biometrics, like Face ID / Touch ID
Money transactions
Embrace the magic of money automation
Automate repetitive tasks. Assign money to different budgets and investments. It’s your customer’s money on autopilot.

Smart money management templates

Redistribute incoming funds automatically to set aside VAT or corporate taxes milliseconds after the completion of the transaction.

Automated budget management

Create budgets and automatically redistribute incoming money to them to get a better grip on their business.

Smart money management templates

Inspire your users and help them save time with relevant and business-specific templates.
Features we integrate
Set payment actions
Automatic payments in the background
Design and build money automation flows
Percentage actions
Automation templates gallery
‘Fill budget to’ action
Incoming & outgoing transaction triggers
‘From what’s left’ action
Money transactions
‘Forward amounts higher than’ action
Connect your platform to all other banks
Let us help you to connect your platform to traditional banks. This enables your customers to apply simple money automation tasks to and from their other existing bank accounts. It’s Open Banking as good as it gets.

Let customers use their existing bank accounts in your platform.

Enable customers to transfer funds, view up-to-date balances, and pay invoices and taxes using their existing bank accounts.

Use existing traditional bank accounts as a bridge.

Customers can use their existing bank account as a source to redistribute money within your platform.

Become your customers’ goto financial platform.

Facilitate a smooth shift for your customers from their existing bank to your banking services.
Features we integrate
Connect all bank accounts
Initiate payments
Access to up to date balances
Inline payment buttons (pay purchase invoices, tax returns).
Access to all transaction data
Enable money automation between banks
Automated payment notifications

The FlowOS software middle layer is the secret sauce to why our products wow your customers.

Banking integrations often disappoint. That’s precisely why we’ve developed the FlowOS software middle layer: built on top of your existing platform, it ensures our money management products work delightfully and amazes your customers.

Plus, it functions as fertile ground to build you anything our customer-centric minds can think of. Some examples are shown on the right.

Investment module for business
AI automated cashflow module
Business loans for SME's
Expense management solution
Buy now, pay later for businesses
Investment module for business
AI automated cashflow module
Business loans for SME's
Expense management solution
Buy now, pay later for businesses
Why partner with Flow?
Help your customers gain back control of their money
Improve your customers’ control over their money and help them save time and costs.
Become your customer's go-to financial platform
Bypass traditional banks and become your customer's single platform, taking care of all things money and accounting.
Happy customers increase retention
Together, we will amaze your customers. As their sole banking and accounting platform, clients will stay with you forever.
Create new revenue streams
Generate more business by introducing new products and services.
Compliance & security
Flow ticks all compliance and security boxes
The PSD2 PIS (Payment Initiation Service) license is a regulatory accreditation under the EU's Payment Services Directive 2. It allows us to initiate payments on behalf of users directly from their bank accounts.
PSSD2 AIS (Account Information Service) is a provision under PSD2. It allows us to access and aggregate a user's financial data from multiple bank accounts, offering a comprehensive view of their finances.
GDPR compliant
Being GDPR compliant means we fully adhere to the EU's General Data Protection Regulation by ensuring customer data is collected, processed, and stored securely, with consent, and for legitimate purposes.
Implementation services
We don’t stop at product implementation
To create a truly successful commercial future, our team will also help with your go-to-market strategy, sales, and marketing.
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Founder / CEO
Ronald Sminia
Business Development

Go-to-market strategy

In close cooperation, we develop value propositions that fit your customers' needs, ascertain the target audience, and decide on pricing.

Marketing & Sales

We know the benefits of our products from the inside out. That is paramount in coaching and guiding your marketing team.

Continuous support

We’re there for you all the way. That’s because we want our money management products to truly wow your customers: we wow to win.
“Flow brings customer wishes directly to life with innovative financial products.”
Thom Ruiter
VP Product of Adyen
“We help you to wow your customers, to win them over. With Flow, we wow to win.”
Daan van Klinken
CEO Flow
Our clients and partners

Wow your customers to win them over

Whatever we build in the finance space, we’ll always aim to offer delightful products that enable financial services companies to amaze their customers.

Delightful money management products

At heart we’re more product experts than finance people. We offer digital products that let financial service companies amaze their customers.