We wow your customers to win them over

Whatever we invent in finance, we'll always aim to offer delightful products that enable financial services companies to amaze their customers.

We are Flow

We chose our brand name thoughtfully because we love the feeling of flow: a mental state in which everything seems to fall into place and things get done with surprisingly little effort. This is why our founders were drawn to the field of product development: making digital products feel seamless, delightful, and worthwhile to use. 

As product experts, our founders were astonished that, although money makes the world go round, the accompanying fintech products often disappoint users. They’re developed solely from a business point of view, without  including a customer’s perspective as well. They cover the basics but often miss out on exciting features that let people manage their money effortlessly and intuitively. In the world of finance, few digital products truly inspire.

That’s why we’ve decided to bring our product experience to finance. But not by merely revamping an interface or creating a superficial design for an existing digital product. As we mentioned before, every element needs to fall into place to create a state of flow. So we set out to develop fintech products from scratch: 

  • We’ve partnered with banks like Adyen, to offer you a Banking as a Service solution. It helps brands in the finance space to offer financial solutions themselves.
  • We help neo-banks and other financial services seamlessly integrate our money automation solutions, enabling their customers to regain control of their money magically.
  • Traditional banks’ PSD2 APIs are often glitchy and cumbersome. We’ve found solutions to make ‘open banking’ as good as it can get. 
  • All this is made possible by our own ‘FlowOS’: a software middle layer creating fertile ground to build you anything our customer-centric minds can think of. 

As everything needs to fall in place,  we don’t stop when our product is implemented. To create a truly successful commercial future, we help with your go-to-market strategy, sales, and marketing as well. 

The future never ceases to challenge us. But whatever we invent in the finance space, we’ll always aim to offer delightful products that enable financial services companies to amaze their customers. We are Flow. And we help you wow your customers, to win them over.

Flow. Wow to win.

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The team

Daan van Klinken

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Niels Mulder

Founder, Chief Operations Officer

Mark van Meurs

Chief Technology Officer

Ronald Sminia

Partnerships & Funding Manager

Darragh Finn

Sr. Software Engineer

Danny Wilson

Co-founder, Principle Architect

Bas de Kwant

Chief Information Security Officer

Martijn Vermeulen

Product Designer

Tom Puijpe

Business Developer & Finance Manager

Thim Donkervoort

Risk & Compliance Manager

Jort van Breda

Frontend developer

Our company culture

We are highly resourceful and customer-obsessed in order to get a fintech product from merely covering the basics to a product people love to use.

Our core values, ‘resourceful’ and ‘love,’ are instrumental in developing products that wow your customers. A real-life example: we developed a full Banking as a Service solution because we weren’t satisfied with how our initial Money Automation product based on PSD2 APIs performed.
Company history

From a B2C to a B2B product

Flow was founded in 2018. When PSD2 made 'open banking' possible, we were the first to develop a money automation app that enabled consumers to automate transactions between bank accounts. However, facing the limits of PSD2 services of traditional banks, we recognized the need for a more fundamental integration with the banking system. We switched our focus to B2B services, and in close cooperation with our launching customers, we seamlessly integrated banking into bookkeeping - a domain ripe for the efficiencies of money automation.

Delightful money management products

At heart, we’re more product experts than finance people. We offer digital products that let financial service companies amaze their customers.